A movement without a vision would be a movement without moral foundation.”
                                                                                    – Nelson Mandela



Changing the Narrative

Established in 2012, 100 Strong is a non-profit organization borne out of the passion and vision of a group of accomplished, professional black men compelled to change the narrative of young African-Canadian black boys as it exists today. Motivated to not only make a difference, they also set about redefining black excellence, and what that looks like, by re-writing the current status quo and creating a new, lasting social commentary with a view to producing strong, ambitious leaders – one young man at a time.

Excellence Without Excuses

With a directed and purposeful vision in place, 100 Strong sets out to break boundaries on views within the African-Canadian community that tend to limit our young black men from reaching above and beyond their current circumstances. 100 Strong believes that when exposed to the possibilities and opportunities available, these young boys’ mindsets are impacted enough to want to change the conversation when shown a culture of professionalism and what that looks like presented as a group of accomplished black Men. The possibilities are endless and they too can become great leaders, but not without sacrifice, integrity, determination and discipline. 

Through the annual Strong Academy summer camp, the boys are not only exposed to the higher echelon of corporate powerhouses, but also taught leadership skills, how to connect and motivate each other, and think constructively while building a brotherhood of trust, honesty and integrity. Together, the boys learn new skills, they are exposed to a wider view of the world and the opportunities available to them, and begin to understand that when education becomes the underlying force, the importance and impact they can make as prospective leaders in their community, both personally and as future mentors to those behind them, creates a legacy of greatness.

Redefining leadership in the eyes of these young black boys makes a big difference when they are caught at an early age, where the impact takes greater effect, and this is the goal of 100 Strong. We exist to demonstrate and hold ourselves accountable at all times to what it truly means to be excellent, and in so doing live by the mantra “Excellence, without excuses“.


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