100 Strong Foundation aims to create lasting change in the lives of young African-Canadian black boys, in the hopes of reframing the way these young men view themselves by reshaping the picture of what they believe their future looks like. With the help of mentors, like those who currently sit on the 100 Strong Foundation Board, we can continue to move forward and make change happen.

Contributions received from Sustainers are directly invested into programs that allow us to achieve our aims and directive to:

  • change the social commentary;
  • change the perception of African-Canadian black boys in the community;
  • change the way African-Canadian black boys perceive themselves;
  • change the mindset of young boys by instilling possibilities of greatness;
  • change the status quo as drivers to the solution of the problem.

With your help and assistance, we can achieve “excellence without excuses” and break the cycle. Once you access the donation site, enter 100 Strong Foundation in the “Find a Fund” search box to find our donation page. If you require more information, please fill in your information below, or click here, DONATE NOW  to contribute. 


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