1. What is 100 Strong? 

100 Strong is a company that sees a need in the Black community for an organization to shift the paradigm. Self-empowerment, success, uniting of young boys with mentors is a mandate in order to correct the unspoken life curriculum and unearth the potential of our future leaders. 100 Strong is not looking for government handouts – we are prepared to hold ourselves accountable to generations to come. This begins we believe with a meaningful financial investment.

2. What is Strong Academy? Summer Program? All-Boys School?

Strong Academy is a program designed to mobilize young black boys to attend a summer program.  This program has been designed in order to provide the attendees with the tools necessary in order to achieve their maximum potential both in education as well as life skills.

3. What is Stand Up?

More than 300 middle school boys from seven downtown TDSB schools participate in a special day of learning, sharing and growing together. The annual conference, “Stand Up: Redefining the Colour of Success,” offers an opportunity for boys to engage in workshops led by men of colour in a variety of fields, including business, medicine, sports, and entertainment. Successful local professionals from all walks of life share their personal stories of success and strategies for overcoming barriers and stress the importance of education to create a sense of empowerment for the participants.

4. Mission Statement of 100 Strong/Strong Academy?

“To create an environment that Fosters learning, Embraces community and Inspires excellence in every Boy.”

– Donald McLeod (Co-Chair, 100 Strong Foundation)

5.Why young Black boys and not young Black girls?

We believe that every young person deserves and has the ability to be successful.  We know from data that young men of colour are at risk of not meeting the Ontario Standard at grades 7 and 8.  Only 40% of students born in the English-speaking Caribbean and 45% of students born in East Africa achieve or exceed the provincial standard in all four subjects in grades 7 and 8.* These young men represent one of the largest groups of students at risk of failing the grade 10 literacy test and graduating from high school*.  They can sometimes feel powerless to navigate the barriers to their success. What the data demonstrates that crime is highly racialization and the group most impacted by that racialization is Black Boys. The fact that this group of boys has more access to the repercussion of the criminal justice system as opposed to the benefits of the educational system, speaks to the urgencies of prioritizing the effective engagement of Black boys.

*Brown, R., Sinay, E. (2008) “2006 Student Census: Linking Demographic Data with Student Achievement”, TDSB Research Department  

6. Can I only contribute $500? 

The $500 should be seen as a benchmark for giving.  The recommendation of 100 Strong is that each man should give according to his wherewithal, meaning that if a man is able to give more then our expectation, he can and he will.

7. Where do I send my donations (cheque)? Can I contribute by credit card?

Cheques should be sent to the following address: 24 Church Street, Weston Village, ON, M9N 1M3: 100 Strong. They should be made out to: Toronto Foundation and in the memo line: 100 Strong

Yes, we accept credit cards through Toronto Foundation. DONATE NOW

8. What is Toronto Foundation?

Toronto Foundation connects philanthropy with community needs and opportunities in order to make Toronto the best place to live, work, learn, and grow. We are one of the largest of Canada’s more than 180 community foundations. Established in 1981, we have grown to hold over $250 million in assets and to work with hundreds of concerned Torontonians and high-impact community organizations. We are a registered, public, non-profit organization created for and by the people of Toronto. (http://www.torontofoundation.ca/)

9. Is this a charitable donation? Do I get a tax receipt?

Yes, the funds provided by each donor is considered a charitable donation. A tax receipt will be provided.

9a. Can businesses make a donation?

Yes, businesses may make a donation. A tax receipt will be provided.

10. What is the curriculum for the Strong Academy summer program?

Built on empowering, valuing and appreciating the educational value that Black boys bring to society. The curriculum strives to marry the concepts of academic theory and experiential learning alongside real world experiences, while focusing on the holistic learner.

11. What are the goals of Strong Academy?

Strong Academy aims to foster a love for learning and education in middle school aged boys; while pairing them with mentors in an effort to promote self-empowerment and success both in school and in their respective communities. The ultimate goal is to create a Black owned and operated K-12 school for Boys. Upon completion of their post-secondary education, these boys will pay their educational experience forward by returning to the Strong Academy as Alumni mentors

12. How can I be a mentor?

After completing the online form, suitable mentors will be contacted http://100strong.ca/membership-form/

13. Where are my contributions used?

Funds are distributed throughout every student equally; the funding pays for book, trips, uniform, transportation, meals along with administrative costs attached to the organization.

14. Can I post my website or advertise services on the site?

No, we are not at this time permitting website advertising and/or services on our site. We would prefer to have this site solely for the boys.  It is our hope that we will set up a greater networking system for the men using social media, including but not limited to Facebook and LinkedIn.

15. How do I become a Board Member?

The Board has been set, however, we do need volunteers for the advisory board.  Please send in your information and indicate where you would like to help. Committees include: Membership, Special Projects, Operations and Finance

16. How can I contribute product/services in-kind?

If you are interested in contributing product/services in-kind, please contact us via: info@100Strong.ca and we will be happy to work with you.

17. How are the students chosen?

The students will be chosen from the city’s designated priority neighbourhoods. Recommendation will come from schools and community.

18. Where will the school sessions be held?

George Brown College  campuses (Toronto)

19. Who and where are the teachers from?

Teachers are accredited and in good standing with the Ontario College of Teachers

20. How will the students progress be monitored (a) Pre-session; (b) During session; (c) Post-session?

Student progress will be monitored by the evaluation of each incoming student’s academic progress throughout the school year – looking at their attendance, lates, grades, etc. During the course of the summer Academy, students’ attitudes toward learning, their understanding of self and the role that education plays in their lives will be tracked in an effort to evaluate any change(s) in their individual perceptions upon completion of the program.

21. Strong Academy – When will the school be open?

The Summer Academy sessions are in July of each year. As we grow, we are looking to add Winter and Spring sessions.

22. Will there be partnerships with other private schools?

The school is developing a program in conjunction with a private School in Toronto (Sterling Hall School). Sterling Hall is a K – 8 school.

23. Is 100 Strong/Strong Academy insured?

Yes, as are the teachers.

24.  Is there a Media Kit available?

Promotional images and logos are available on the site under MEDIA.

25. How do I get a pin?

A pin is provided to each man who donates to 100 Strong. The pin is to be worn with pride as it reflects each man’s personal dedication and sponsorship in the education of each young boy in the program.

26. What is the official Strong Academy uniform?

Official uniform is a white polo shirt (with the Strong Academy Logo, khaki pants and/or shorts)

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