An open letter to potential members of “100 STRONG”

Thank you for taking time to consider our request for a donation to the 100 Strong organization.

We as a group of professional black men have not done enough in a “corporate sense” to aid a generation of young black men who are one or two generations behind us.  We have not yet counted ourselves in any “corporate” effort amongst those who have weighed in on the discussion surrounding those of our community and gender – those young black men who are facing the justice system in disproportionate numbers; those young black men who are dropping out of high school, whose grade averages are woefully inadequate, young men who are unemployed and unemployable.

We as a group have not yet tested our strength as a unit.  We are all aware of the problem, we can in fact site the issues song and verse.  We are candid and resolute in our mantra that these outcomes will not happen to our sons – ”Not on Our Watch.” We have all declared in no uncertain terms that we will use every resource available to us and will spare no expense to ensure that our kids in general, but specifically our sons, will not be a statistic.  They will be well-rounded, high functioning, LEADERS and anything less will be unacceptable.WHY NOW AND WHY YOU?

We have an inherent obligation, we would suggest to help and to stop a cycle that is becoming perpetual amongst those members of our very own community.  The impression that is left with the wider Canadian community is that we are not willing or able to help our own, albeit that we have personal resources and finances available to us.  Our inactivity lends itself to what is a perceived virtual stand still of an entire generation of young men who live on the margins, who are economically disenfranchised, and living in “At Risk Priority Neighbourhoods” – neighbourhoods that we once lived in, frequented, or drove by.

100 Strong is a company that sees a need in the Black community for an organization to shift the paradigm. Self-empowerment, success, uniting of young boys with mentors is a mandate in order to correct the unspoken life curriculum and unearth the100StrongBanner_e0v1412 potential of our future leaders. 100 Strong is not looking for government handouts – we are prepared to hold ourselves accountable to generations to come. This begins we believe with a meaningful financial investment.

We are asking you to donate a minimum initial investment of $500. However, we would request that each man give according to his wherewithal and in return you will receive a charitable receipt, and a letter of acknowledgement.  These funds will be used as a vehicle to pay the expenses related to running the organization including, but not limited to our first venture – a summer school, Strong Academy – and our future private school for boys of the same name.

Strong Academy Summer Program will feature a 3-4 week curriculum for young Black boys between the ages of 11-14. They will be provided with uniforms, book bags, meals, transportation and the boys will be taught by qualified teachers both theory and practical educational lessons all free of charge. There will be a pre-screening process for students accepted into the summer school, and post-program monitoring and mentorship after the conclusion of the four weeks.

We have selected you for your reputation in the community and are encouraged by your potential participation in this exciting new venture. If you require any future information, please speak to the individual who presented you with this letter.


Donald F. McLeod & Ainsworth Morgan – Co-Chairs

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