“To create an environment that Fosters learning, Embraces community and Inspires excellence in every Boy.”
– Donald McLeod –
(Co-Chair, 100 Strong Foundation)

What is Strong Academy?

Strong Academy is a summer program designed to mobilize and equip young black boys with the tools necessary to achieve their maximum potential in education and build on life skills.

Summer Program Curriculum

Built on empowering, valuing, and appreciating the educational value that black boys bring to society, the curriculum marries the concepts of academic theory and experiential learning, in conjunction with real world experiences, while focusing on the holistic learner.

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Goals & Outcomes

Strong Academy aims to foster and instill a love for learning and education in middle school-aged boys, while pairing them with mentors, in an effort to promote self-empowerment and success in school and in their respective communities.

The end goal is to establish a private, black-owned and operated K-12 school for boys. Upon completion of their post-secondary education, the expectation is these boys will pay their educational experience forward by returning to the Strong Academy as Alumni mentors.

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Summer Academy

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